Reload - Silica Sealant bón


Ótrúlega sterk vörn sem gerð er úr sérstökum modify’uðum silicon polymers, sem sýnir sér í þessum langa endingartíma. Reload er einstaklega auðvelt í notkun og endist og endist. Má nota á bílinn blautan sem þurrann. Reload inniheldur yfir 5% SiO2, sem er einmitt uppistaðan í ceramic vörnum í dag, og nota skal Reload sem viðhaldsefni fyrir C.Quartz Ceramic varnirnar

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The fastest and most effective spray sealant, spray on and wipe off!

Carpro Reload is a water-based product mainly composed from special modified silicon polymers (not silicone), glass based coating.

Carpo Reload will leave a temporary layer and shield of protection on the applied surface. It has hydrophobic water repellency, with high gloss appearance.

Very easy to use! For enthusiastic or professionals, simple yet durable coating and cost effective. Versatile coating that can be used on either wet or dry surface. Washing the car will be easy and fast, leaving less water marks on surface.(can be used to top Cquartz coating) Up to 6 months durability on car paintwork with very high gloss shine, can be used on any paint, rubber, plastic & glass too.


  • Shake well, spray the Reload after washing the car, or when it’s dry.
  • Wipe off with a new Microfiber.
  • No need to use high pressure while wiping.
  • Make sure surface is clean from solvents or wax and in perfect condition.
  • Average use per car: 50ml.

Test CarPro Reload in inconspicuous area before applying the whole car. In case of uneven areas, wipe off with IPA. Avoid working under direct sunlight and hot surface.

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