Inside - Leður- og innréttingahreinsir


Leður og innréttingahreinsir sem öruggt er að nota. Margir APC (all-purpose cleaners) virka vel en særa yfirborð leðurs, en Inside er minna basískt efni og því hægt að hreinsa upp leðursæti án allra áhyggja. Frábær lykt og frábært kraftur liggur í þessu efni!

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CarPro INSIDE is an incredible new dedicated leather & interior cleaner.

CarPro Inside is specially formulated to clean vinyl, plastic, finished leather and a variety of interior surfaces! Utilizing a high foaming mix of proprietary surfactants and gentle detergents CarPro Interior is able to easily remove dirt, sweat, oils, and all manner of soling on interior surfaces.

Keep your car’s leather interior clean and fresh-smelling when you use CarPro Leather Cleaner foam Spray. It is strong enough for the tough cleaning jobs yet gentle enough for even the finest of leather, Non greasy fast action. will not damage sensitive dye leather coat , This helps to preserve the leather’s strength, durability and appearance.

You can use CarPro Inside cleaner on such surfaces as auto upholstery, plastic vinyl and wood.  If you simply want to restore your rich look and feel, this will easily do the trick.


  • High foaming Action
  • Tough on dirt
  • Gentle on Interior
  • Preserves the leather’s strength, durability and appearance
  • Fast reaction cleaner
  • Dilutable up to 5:1 – making it extremly cost effective


  • Shake well
  • Apply to affected areas
  • Agitate with brush, cleaning pad, or towel
  • Wipe off any remaining residue with water dampened towel, followed by a dry towel.

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