CarPro MF púði - Heavy Cut

CarPro Microfibre cutting pad 5,5″

Grófur púði í línu CarPro. Notaður fyrir skurð (e. cutting) til að fjarlægja rispur úr lakkinu. Ótrúlega endingargóður.

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  • Excellent cutting power
  • Good finishing
  • Versatile with a variety of compounds
  • Machine Washable


  • “Prime” fresh or clean microfiber pads – In other words spread a thin layer of compound and work it into the fibers evenly before use. This allows the abrasives on every strand of microfiber to work on the paint simultaneously.
  • After each section, blow out the pad with compressed air and add 2-4 (depending on pad size) small pea size dots for the next section.

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