Eraser - Alcohol Hreinsir


Eraser er notaður til að ‘strippa’ af yfirborðsefni, hvort sem það er gamalt bón sem þarf að fjarlægja, residue eftir massa eða annað. Eraser er notaður til að undirbúa lakk fyrir ceramic meðferð.

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This is a unique formula designed to totally strip paint of oil and polish residues leaving a squeaky clean surface so sealants and waxes get a better bond to the paint after polishing.

CarPro Eraser Intense Oil & Polisher Cleanser is truly a better solution to clean paint. Traditionally IPA (ispropyl alcohol) and water mixture has been used to strip paint, but IPA can actually redeposit oils and residues. Eraser dissolves these products completely and erases them from your paint’s finish.

Use CarPro Eraser Intense Oil & Polish Cleanser after compounding or polishing to inspect your work, or before applying any product that needs a perfectly clean finish to bond to.

Unlike IPA it also smells great!

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